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You can now source a C++ file in RStudio

A new version of RStudio that integrates tightly with Rcpp has been released recently. This release includes Rcpp attributes, which are simple annotations that you add to C++ source files to streamline calling C++ from R.  This makes it possible to write C++ functions and simply source them into R just as you’d source an R script.

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Parallel computations in R using the package "multicore"

The package "multicore" in R does parallel processing of R code on machines with multiple cores (or CPUs). The single threaded nature of R is painful specially in simulations when big loops are run. "multicore" package is a very useful package that enables R to be run on multi cores. This package, however, runs on Linux or Mac and not in windows.

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Turning Analyses into interactive Web Applications with NO HTML Knowledge!

R-Studio has recently released a very interesting package named "Shiny". Shiny enables R users to turn their analyses into interactive web applications without any HTML or JavaScript knowledge.

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Free E-Books From SpringerLink

As you might know, Springer Publishing has many of its book available online for free. Just recently, I was looking for some books in general Data Analysis topics and found several editorial books that seem to cover a wide range of topics in Data Analysis, I have provided the name and link of 5 of them that I found to be the top ones:

- Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 2012 (link)

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Hurricane Sandy

By now, you've most probably heard about the recent devastating hurricane in Eastern part of the U.S. It's called "Sandy". Sandy is expected to affect as many as 60 million Americans this week. Satellites and scientists are busy monitoring this weather phenomena. Thanks to CloudSat Data Processing Center, you can visually witness the vertical profile of Sandy along the CloudSat overpass track. The higher the radar reflectivity, the larger the amount of precipitation and cloud water would be.

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NASA VIZ: Visualization Explorer

NASAVIZ is a very cool product from NASA Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) which has different interesting features. Through NASAVIZ, You can quickly access NASA animations and images about our universe, the Sun, our planet Earth, and generally NASA explorations. Please watch the following video regarding this app.

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Partitioning the variance between space and time

There exist many space-time databases of different variables that change both is space and time. A correct examination of the changes in such a variable needs to account for both changes in time and space.

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Google's Knowledge Graph: A Learning Machine

You may have noticed recently that when you search for certain people, places, or other products in Google, you will see a box of facts alongside the regular results. These are the information that come out of "Google's Knowledge Graph".

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A Better Artificial Brain

Can you imagine of a robot that processes the visual information the way our brain does? There has been a lot of research on visual perception and finding the way that our brain analyzes the visual data, recognizes objects, and so on. But there hasn't been a robost and comprehensive method that can fully represent the brain.

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Online book: An introduction to Data Mining

Here you can find an online book on introduction to data mining, which covers all steps of data mining including problem definition, data preparation,  modeling, evaluation, and deployment. This online book is created by Data Mining group at Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto.



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