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Global Forest Watch: Big Data for Environmental Activism

In a great effort between several agencies worldwide, a new global data set is released entitled "Global Forest Watch". 

This dataset uses global satellite measurements (mainly from MODIS and Landsat projects) to map the losses and gains in the forest areas worldwide. The input data are from both visible and infrared sensors. The maps have a high resolution of 30 meter and are available from 2000 until present. The map is going to be updated every 16 days.

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Wolfram Language

Watch Stephen Wolfram introduces "Wolfram Language", a knowledge based programming language with emphasis on symbolic computations. 

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Land Temperature Data in Google Earth

A new dataset developed by researchers in UK provides land temperature over the globe in Google Earth. The dataset called CRUTEM4 is a widely used temperature data that is based on ground stations' observations and is now implemented in Google Earth (read the paper here). 

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Easy access to GitHub with RStudio

Following my two blog posts about Github here and here, in this post I refer to nice tutorials on using GitHub through RStudio.

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A Great GitHub Tutorial for Beginners

What is GitHub? In simple words, GitHub is a code sharing service that can be considered as a social networking site for programmers. “At the heart of GitHub is Git, an open source project started by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Matthew McCullough, a trainer at GitHub, explains that Git, like other version control systems, manages and stores revisions of projects.

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Data Sonification

Take a moment and enjoy "feeling" what climate data is trying to tell us. Scott St. George, a professor geography at the University of Minnesota says: "Data visualization are effective for some people, but they aren't the best way to reach everyone". Using global temperature data, the following video, called "A Song of Our Warming Planet", illustrates how average global temperature has risen in the past century and so.  

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Codeacademy: Learn Python and many other languages online for free.

If you are looking for a free and online resource to learn Python or JavaScript or even HTML coding, you should check out Codeacademy

This website provides you with step by step lessons to learn different languages for coding. You can take the lessons at the pace that you are comfortable with, and by creating a profile it will track your progress in learning a specific language. 

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Coming to R? Great handouts to compare commands across different software packages

If you are an experienced programmer in a software other than R (such as MATLAB or Python) and want to start coding in R you will find the following handouts very useful and informative.

These handouts compare different commands in R with similar ones in MATLAB, Python, Stata, SPSS and SAS:

1- MATLAB to R here.

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Regridding Data: How to choose the best method?

It's quite common in many applications that one needs to regrid a set of data (either changing the grid spacing or just changing the origin). There are several methods to do the interpolation between the two grid, the nearest neighbor being the simplest one and others include bilinear, spline, and inverse distance interpolation.

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Super Useful Wiki Page on Advanced R Programming

Hadley Wickham is working on a book on "Advanced R Programming" that will be expected to be published in Chapman and Hall's R series early this year. " The book is designed primarily for R users who want to improve their programming skills and understanding of the language.